About GMAF Circular Medico

GMAF Circular Medico ApS wants to create a greener world that can counteract the pressure on our resources. That is why we work to develop long-term solutions with sustainable and circular products for the benefit of us all.

In Randers, Denmark, we produce Type IIR and FFP2 surgical masks / face masks, where we can recycle up to 98% in our circular solution, which we call TAKE BACK.

Today we deliver to the Danish Regions including hospitals, dentists, general practitioners and the healthcare sector in general.

GMAF Circular Medico ApS works according to the UN's global goals for sustainable development.

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GMAF Circular Medico ApS was established on 6th of April 2020 as a subsidiary of the trading fund Global Material & Asset Fond ... in beginning of the corona pandemic. The need to ensure a national contingency for the production of PPE was defined by the high up in the Danish government.

The call was heard and GMAF Circular Medico ApS initiated a PPP collaboration with the Region Hovedstaden (Capital region of Denmark) / NOST for the Danish healthcare system. The goal was the development of a Danish produced sustainable circular Type IIR surgical masks / face masks and other protective equipment.

In the meantime, a framework agreement on the production and delivery of the first 8 million Danish produced masks where signed, which support a Danish contingency for protective equipment.

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GMAF Circular Medico invents solution for major plastic problem

(Video from the Danish Broadcasting Company DR in Danish)