Environment, microplastics, face masks, and your health

Posted by larstk - 2022-03-24 10:49:52

One problem that all face masks have is that the material releases microplastic.

At GMAF Circular Medico, we clean the material from which our face masks are made. This is done by vacuuming the material 8 times during production, thereby removing the loose plastic particles that are in the material.
We are the only company that  are currently working with this technology. Many users of face masks experience discomfort when using face masks, we have reduced this by amongst other things to by removing loose plastic particles from the material.

Face masks are made of plastic. The material is PP Non Woven. The loose plastic fibers of the material can end up in the users' airways, and over time can create even greater challenges than what the face mask is intended for; namely to protect the user against bacteria and viruses.

During the Corona pandemic, figures have emerged indicating that 3,000,000 face masks have been used per minute worldwide. The used face masks have ended up in nature after use, or as part of some waste that has been incinerated!
The right technology can remove loose plastic particles from the material from which the face mask is made, and the right technology can remove the face masks from the waste stream, and turn the material into resources.

There are currently no standards that take these loose plastic particles into account. Therefore, we have seen it as our task to inform about this problem.

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