Sustainable face masks asthma and allergy tested

Posted by larstk - 2022-03-24 10:40:10

Asthma-Allergy Denmark (Asthma Allergy Nordic) awards Danish-made face masks The Blue Wreath. Healthcare professionals in hospitals and dental clinics can use the masks from GMAF Circular Medico without any worries. They are also the only medical masks that are produced in a circular and sustainable concept.

Both patients and healthcare professionals are protected from viruses and bacteria when wearing face masks. But for the doctor, nurse or dentist, it is also nice to know that the mask's contact with the facial skin is harmless. A normal working day can involve many hours wearing a mask.

On the occasion of the participation in the dental fair Tandfaglige Dage in Bella Center, Copenhagen, 2.-3.09.2021, GMAF Circular Medico ApS received the brand Den Blå Krans or The Blue Label for their circular Type IIR mouthpiece. "Now the professional user with allergies can be confident that there is a minimal risk of an allergic reaction during use", says a happy Lars Thomas Kristensen, director of GMAF Circular Medico ApS.

Recyclable material

When GMAF Circular Medico was quick to apply for the allergy label, it is largely related to the Randers company's philosophy of producing sustainably and circularly.

Its medical masks and face masks are the only ones on the market that are systematically disinfected at the collection for recycling after use. The masks are broken down and melted into a plastic material, which is used for the production of new material for masks.

"We already focus on working sustainably and using healthy materials, and at the same time we also wanted to be completely safe in the work environment when our employees receive the returned, used face masks," explains director Lars Thomas Kristensen from GMAF Circular Medico.

In hospitals and clinics, the masks are thrown in special recycling bins installed with UV-C light, which ensures that all viruses and bacteria are killed. The method has been tested and approved at DTU Fotonik on Risø.

The mask bucket is so infection-proof that the contents can be returned as non-dangerous goods when the freight forwarder delivers the new masks.

Laboratory tests and new suppliers

The labeling process has taken close to 9 months because GMAF Circular Medico had to conduct a series of laboratory tests and change supplier of several components before being 100% sure of the product.

"It was a bigger task than we had expected. But it was also a healthy process for a company like ours, because we could choose suppliers on a subsidiarity basis, so that almost all of them are now in Europe.

As a Danish manufacturer for hospitals in Danish regions, we must contribute to the national security of supply for face masks, and therefore we are also finding a European supplier for the last component, ”says director Lars Thomas Kristensen.

GMAF Circular Medico ApS is a subsidiary of the Global Material & Asset Fund, which on the basis of the last 6 years of development has created a unique circular system for sustainable production with digitized materials.

The production of sustainable face masks was started during the Corona / COVID-19 pandemic - i.a. with the aim of creating national security of supply.

For further information: Press officer for GMAF Circular Medico ApS, Ingo Walterscheid - 3021 4773

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