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Green Clinic

A forum for sustainability minded clinics

GRØN KLINIK (transl. Green Clinic)

The certificate "GRØN KLINIK" is issued by the Global Material & Asset Foundation (GMAF). The certificate states this year's CO2 reduction. The clinics receives the certificate in a wall mountable frame.
There is a lot of focus on sustainability, green transition and climate goals. This messaging is therefor very important in regards to patients, customers and employees.

All products from GMAF Circular Medico are part of our TAKE BACK concept and hereby contribute to the CO2 reduction and the GRØN KLINIK certificate can be issued.

For every kilo of material we ensures a CO2 reduction of 5.32 kilos. This corresponds to approx. 300 surgical masks / face masks.

We want to help Denmark remain in the lead in regards to achieving the UN climate goals, and we all want to contribute to the circular economy. Do you want to know more about how to become a "GRØN KLINIK" call us today!

The initiative "GRØN KLINIK", was launched during "Tandfaglige Dage 2021" (Convention and trade fair for dentists etc.) in Bella Center. We to provide a platform for the sustainability and climate goals to be expressed in a visible and clear way to patients, staff and the public.

It is an important task to support the green transition even in the smallest of ways - and as they say "little strokes fell great oaks" ...

In Denmark we have thousands of clinics that can contribute significantly in the effort for sustainability.

Surgical masks are just one of many products that can become circular and still be used in the way the user is accustomed to. No one will be able to neither see or feel a difference, when the materials used for good quality products, are made to become circular and sustainable. This is important for both the user's safety and the way new materials are accepted.

Contact us and see how we in a joint venture can contribute to Denmark's remaining in the lead to achieve the UN's climate goals and set a good example for other countries to follow.