Type IIR surgical mask / face mask - Recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic (10 packs, 1500 pcs.)

Type IIR surgical mask / face mask - Recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordic (10 packs, 1500 pcs.)

The Transportbox contains of 1.500 pcs. (10 pack)


  • 100% Danish and produced in Randers.
  • 98% recycling through our Take Back concept.
  • The face mask is vacuumed 8 times in production for loose plastic fibers.
  • The face mask is un-perfumed and odor-neutral.
  • No incineration and thus no problematic environmental substances during recycling.
  • Contributes to positive CO₂- accounts.
  • 3-layer facemask, protects against drops and splashes in allergy-friendly material.



The face masks is:

  • CE marked, class 1 (medical device, lowest risk).
  • Certified according to the European EN standard, EN14683: 2019 + AC: 2019.
  • Certified and recommended by Asthma Allergy Denmark and has the Blue Wreath.
  • Tested for formaldehyde (toxic gas) and latex free.
  • Tested for unwanted bacterial growth.
  • Nose clamp (double, not removable) in iron has been tested for nickel content.
  • Ear straps (Elastane) have been tested and are latex-free (no nuisance to the ears).
  • Packaging is FSC approved, which ensures nature and social conditions.

Our face mask are very comfortable to use due to our allergy-friendly materials and ear straps. They are designed to be worn all day long.

Our face mask consists of 3 layers. The outer layer protects against drops and splashes. The middle layer, a filtration layer that works by both inhaling and exhaling. The inner layer contributes to the comfort of the mouthpiece, as it is made of a soft and not least allergy-friendly material.

Layer brake down.png

Correct use of the face mask

Manual type IIR English.png

We recommend the use of a face mask for a maximum of 3 hours before replacement.

Take Back means that the material from this product is taken back and recycled for the benefit of the environment, read more here about Takeback.

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