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Korrekt brug



Follow the official instructions for good hand hygiene before touching the mask.


Pull the straps until they are the desired length.


Place the face mask in front of the mouth and nose. Fasten the straps of the mask behind the ears.


Adjust the nose clip and the mask in order for the mask to fit well around the nose and mouth.


The mask is for single-use only, but the materials can be recycled and used again. So please enquire if your workplace or company can be part of our TAKE BACK concept.

Correct fit of the face mask

The soft earband of the face mask is pulled to a suitable length before use. This ensures that the mask is comfortable to use - even for a longer period of time.

To ensure the best function of the mask, it is important that it fits tight over the mouth and nose. The mask's flexible ear straps increase the safety of the mask.

In the video, our CEO Lars Thomas Kristensen shows how to get the best and safest fit (video is in Danish).